There has been some question as to whether or not one of the existing wide receivers will benefit from the addition of Randy Moss.  Between now and the time that Kenny Britt returns to the field either Nate Washington or Justin Gage could be the benefactor of single coverage while Moss demands lots of attention.   Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Washington will be the starter opposite Randy Moss and Gage will be a active in a back up capacity.


We are not convinced any WR on this roster is worth much outside of Britt or Moss.  People fail to realize that Moss has not been very effective this year and he has taken even more plays off than normal.  Moss will be used primarily as a deep threat, more or less exactly the role that Britt (Randy Moss lite) served prior to his injury.  Moss will demand a bit more attention than Britt, but at the time of Britt’s injury, he was getting plenty of double coverage and the safety had to move in his direction nearly as often as he will drift toward Moss.  The addition of Moss and subtraction of Britt is not exactly a world of difference for the WR opposite them.  Temper your enthusiasm.  Depending on the matchup Washington may be worth plugging in as a fill in WR#3 or flex play.

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