Each week we will analyze the matchups and provide our take on which WRs you split out wide and which should beriding the excerice bike on the sidelines for your fantasy squad based on difficult matchups, injuries, potential weather problems etc.

Four offenses (San Diego, Indianapolis, Denver, and Dallas) are averaging over 275 passing yards per game. On the flip side,  the four worst passing games (averaging less than 180 passing yards per game) can be found in Seattle, Kansas City, Arizona,  and Carolina.

The top 5 passing defenses can be found in NO, NYG, OAK, SD, and Carolina. Miami’s Brandon Marshall (hamstring) is questionable and Bess/Hartline should be benched against Oakland (especially if Asomugha returns). Jacksonville’s Mike Thomas is not an advisable start against the NY Giants.  Reggie Wayne (vs SD) should do just fine despite the difficult matchup. The worst pass defenses (allowing over 260 yards/game) exists in Jacksonville, New England, Seattle, Washington and Houston. Mario Manningham has a prime matchup vs Jacksonville considering he is now the NYG’s #1 option with Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks sidelined. Calvin Johnson should excel on turkey day against a New England defense allowing over 275 passing yards/game.  Percy Harvin (@ WAS) and Dwayne Bowe (@ SEA) also get a significant upgrade in week 12.

VIEWS: is more pessimistic than most on the Jets WRs this week as they have Santonio Holmes ranked 25th and Braylon Edwards at 30th for a Thursday night matchup with a Bengals defense that ranks 13th against the pass (214 yards/game).  Its worth noting that Cincy secondary is banged up after placing  FS Crocker on IR.  CB Jonathan Joseph will also likely be out after reinjuring his ankle in week 11. are forecasting Vincent Jackson’s return the San Diego lineup will be starter worthy as they rank him 25th for a matchup with the Colts 10th ranked pass defense. fully expects TO (ranked 27th) and Ocho (ranked 38th) to struggle when the face the Jets and Revis Island on Thanksgiving night. are expecting the NFL’s leading WR Brandon Lloyd to excel in week 12 as they rank him 5th for a home matchup with St Louis 18th ranked pass defense. are predicting a monster day for Greg Jennings as they rank him #1 for a matchup with Atlanta’s burnable secondary ranked 24th against the pass.


UPGRADE: Mario Manningham (vs. Jacksonville) - Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith, Ramses Barden, Victor Cruz ; Out, out, out, and out.  Manningham is the last man standing and he will reap the benefits of playing against the leagues 28th ranked pass defense.  Manningham will be joined by guys that were teamless not so ling ago and he, along with Kevin Boss, should be where Eli Manning looks.  Look for Mario to be a PPR machine.  He should see the end zone as well.

DOWNGRADE: Terrel Owens (@ NYJ)Owens made a mistake by running his trap about Darrelle Revis being a an average corner.  The shut down corner did just that to Owens last year, holding him to six catches for 44 yards.  This year Revis put the clamps on the likes of Calvin and Andre Johnson.  None of that sounds very average to me, but we are betting Owens numbers will be when the game is over.  On a side note, may be a good time to upgrade Ochocinco.

SLEEPER: Ben Obomanu (vs Kansas City)The veteran, career back up has a chance to repeat his week 11 performance.  With Golden Tate still out he will get the start.  Some people see fact that Mike Williams probably missing week 12 as another positive for Obomanu on the fantasy front, we are not so sure.  Obomanu benefited from the attention given to Williams and in the end, Obomanu is just an average receiver, maybe less actually.  Nonetheless, this week is an opportunity for him to see lots of targets.  The Chiefs have a poor pass defense.  They are ranked 25th in the league in in yards surrendered per game and have given up 16 TDs through the air.  They are not good enough to completely shut the Seahawks down.

Blair White could be considered a sleeper.  We didn’t list him as our #1 sleeper because we don’t really consider him a sleeper.  Now Ben Obomanu, that’s a sleeper.  He has been sleeping for five years.  White is a Colt receiver.  Can you every consider a guy catching passes from Peyton Manning a sleeper.  But, for the edification of those people that will email me saying I have ignored White and the Colts.  Here is my official statement; Blair White does not suck – especially for week 12.  Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

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