In this video from the NFL Network, Michael Lombardi says that the Redskins will probably be forced to outright release Donovan McNabb.  By the way Dan, the Eagles have a bridge they would like to sell you next.  Lombardi thinks that the Dolphins make the most sense.  In another video embedded in this article a crew debates where Vince Young will land and there is talk that Miami is a logical spot for him to attempt to rejuvenate his career.


Chad Henne is going to be on the Dolphins 2011 roster, if for not other reason than he has a contract that calls for him receive just $550,000 (pocket change!).  He is clearly not the answer and not only does his skill set (limited as it is) not fit with their high priced diva WR, Brandon Marshall has been pretty outspoken that Henne and he just do not work.   McNabb is perhaps the most overrated player in the history of the game, but he would be an improvement in Miami.  He would also improve the numbers for Brandon Marshall.  Considering the options available to the Dolphins, McNabb would be pretty good news in fantasy football terms.  Perhaps not as welcome as Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton, but better than if they acquired Vince Young.

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