The Heisman trophy winner and BCS title winner decided he’s done all he can do at the collegiate level and will be taking his game to the next level.  Newton has the potential to be a top 10 pick depending on his performance in the combine. Here is a compilation of his highlights from 2010.

The ultimate weapon in this year’s draft became only the 3rd player in NCAA history to toss for 20 TDs and rush for 20 TDs in a single season. His ability to read defenses needs some work but there is no questioning he has the arm strength / running ability / and ideal size to succeed on Sundays. Here is one play that shows Newton’s canon of an arm.

This article discusses the pros and cons of drafting the 6’6 250 pounder from Auburn. Over the past 25 years,  the number of Heisman QBs that have flopped far outweighs those that have enjoyed success (Sam Bradford, Carson Palmer, Testeverde) –  Cam has the cards stacked against him but few possessed the athletic talent of the 2010 Heisman award winner.

The Chart Below lists QBs that Won the Heisman in past 25 years.

2010Cam NewtonAuburn
2008Sam BradfordOklahoma
2007Tim TebowFlorida
2006Troy SmithOhio State
2004Matt LeinartUSC
2003Jason WhiteOklahoma
2002C. PalmerUSC
2001Eric CrouchNebraska
2000Chris WeinkeFlorida State
1996D. WuerffelFlorida
1993Charlie WardFlorida State
1992Gino TorrettaMiami
1990Ty DetmerBYU
1989Andre WareHouston
1986V. TestaverdeMiami
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