Judd Zugland tweeted yesterday that Vikings HC Leslie Frazier stated that they were looking to draft a rookie with plans to “ride with this guy. He’s our [Joe] Flacco, he’s our [Mark] Sanchez, he’s our Matt Ryan”.   If that’s case, this would be an appropriate time for Sidney Rice owners so kick something.


Zugland thinks Jake Locker is the guy the Vikings are leaning toward at No. 12 overall.

The latest mock draft has the Vikings taking Julio Jones with their first round pick. takes a look at the Vikings team needs entering the draft right here.


No. 12 seems awfully high for a QB that regressed badly in 2010.  The Vikings have recently been connected to Kevin Kolb trade rumors as well and some think they may be on the market for a veteran like Donovan McNabb or Carson Palmer.

It’s unclear whether or not the Vikings will be able to keep Sidney Rice.  If they do not and a they think there is a chance that one of the top two receivers in this draft they may have to jump at the opportunity to fill the void left by Rice’s departure.  In that case the Vikings would almost have to bring in a veteran.  This may be stating the obvious, but from a fantasy perspective a rookie QB really damages the value of Vikings offensive players.  A veteran, any of the names being mentioned as possibilities, would boost the value of Rice, Percy Harvin, Adrian Peterson, and company.

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