What another fantasy football site?

Before you yawn and turn away let me tell you what we are about.  We take the real football news and give the fantasy football ramifications.  Plus, we provide no less than two links to what other great sites have to say.  We want to keep you so informed that we are willing to send you to where the best information resides, and then hope you come back, so we never have to have jobs again.

What else?

Thanks for asking.  WE WILL RANK THE ACCURACY OF THE WEEKLY FANTASY FOOTBALL PROJECTIONS OF EVERY SITE WE CAN. Yes, you read correctly.  We have a geek and that geek is Cornell physicist (you should get yourself one by the way, very helpful) who developed a system to measure how accurate each site is in projecting fantasy performance.  For the first time ever you will know who is accurate and who is just pulling stuff out of their….

Help us out.  Tell your friends we rock, even if you’re lying.

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